Staying calm and responding patiently might reduce the risk

If a police car constantly follows you with its siren blazing, chances are you’re being pulled over, so stop immediately. Yes, the pressure and nervousness when being pulled over by the police are immense. However, you must stop your car to speak to the officer and see if you’ve violated any traffic laws.


Here’s what you need to do when you’re pulled over.


What to Do When You’re Pulled Over


Pull Over at a Safe Spot


First, check your mirrors and asses where you are (side road, highway, etc.), and identify the nearest safe place to park. If the area is too crowded, you must drive a brief distance to find a safe spot. Once you find a spot, it is best to turn your engine off and wait for the officer to come to you.


Remain Calm & Roll Down Your Window


Breathe and calm yourself down. If all your windows are tinted, it is best to roll them down. Don’t make any movements as you’re being critically observed. Stay still till the officer comes to speak to you. Don’t get out of the vehicle under any circumstance unless instructed. Any movements can be seen as suspicious and could lead to a thorough vehicle search.


Wait for Instructions From the Police Officer


Once the police officer is at your window, allow them to speak first. Upon request, you must show them your driver’s license, registration, and proof of automobile insurance. If you need to reach towards any comportments, inform them before. The police officer will have their flashlight along if this is at night. Once you’ve handed over your documents, place your hands on the steering wheel.


Be Civil at All Times


You must give no reaction. Keeps things as calm and respectful as you can. Answer the police officer’s questions as clearly as possible to avoid miscommunication. Remember that whatever you say can be held against you, so speak carefully.


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