Why It’s Important for Small Businesses to Have Insurance

A man and woman read a document showcased by a company representative.

Small businesses just starting are at risk of financial losses if they do not opt for a comprehensive insurance plan. Operating a business is not easy, and you will likely face unexpected situations that make you glad you were insured. For example, slip and fall accidents inside your store can result in your small business being sued by third parties, causing you to lose money.

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Buying Car Insurance: A Step-by-Step Guide

A car insurance policy

When you are looking to buy a new car, you calculate and compare costs so that you get your desired car at the best price. A car insurance policy works in very much the same manner. You need to shop around and compare the costs of at least three insurers to see where you’re getting the best rates and coverage.Continue reading

Why It’s Not a Good Idea to Drive Without Car Insurance

An older man sits happily in a vehicle.

Statistics indicate that roughly 13% of drivers do not have their cars insured, which is illegal and can incur heavy fines and jail time. If you are responsible for causing an accident that injures others and damages property, you will likely spend tens of thousands of dollars out of your pocket.Continue reading

How Much Does Insurance Go Up After an Accident?

A broken windshield of a car

When buying auto insurance, it’s essential to understand certain policy aspects to avoid being blindsided by the perks. Moreover, it’s also essential to realize that insurance policies provide a financial cushion for accidents, not habitual behaviors.

Therefore, numerous policy owners or prospective buyers might need to learn that insurance rates can go up after an accident. That’s especially true if the accident is caused by the customers, intentionally or unintentionally.Continue reading

What to Do When You’re Pulled Over?

Staying calm and responding patiently might reduce the risk

If a police car constantly follows you with its siren blazing, chances are you’re being pulled over, so stop immediately. Yes, the pressure and nervousness when being pulled over by the police are immense. However, you must stop your car to speak to the officer and see if you’ve violated any traffic laws.Continue reading