Here is your guide to getting a motorcycle insurance

Most motorcyclists don’t consider it, but motorcycle insurance is as important as wearing your helmet and boots, getting gas, etc. Getting one is much more crucial since you’re entirely exposed, and there are higher chances of getting hurt in case of an accident.

Motorcycle insurance will help cover your vehicle damages and bodily injuries and has many coverages such as liability, collision, medical, comprehensive, uninsured, etc. This guide will give you an insight into getting covered.


What Coverage Does A Motorcycle Insurance Offer?

When getting motorcycle insurance, there is an option to choose from a wide range of insurance types that cater to several problems.


Here are the common types of motorcycle insurance:


Liability Insurance

It is one must-have insurance coverage that is compulsory in most states and helps you pay for physical and property damages. However, be sure you don’t opt for the low limits of this insurance.


Guest Passenger Liability

If you’re at fault, this coverage will pay medical bills for the guest sitting behind you. However, this coverage will not be applied if you aren’t at fault. In case the other party is at fault, you can claim them.


Uninsured Motorist Coverage

If a motorist crashes your bike and they are uninsured, this coverage will save you from paying a hefty amount. Considering many motorists don’t have insurance, it is smart to purchase it.


Medical Payments Coverage

Regardless of who the at-fault party is, your medical bills, such as nursing, prescriptions, etc., will be paid for if you have this coverage. However, this is dependent upon the limit you’ve purchased.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

It is an extended version of medical payments coverage. Plus, it can also cover your lost wages and allow you to keep services if you can’t perform daily chores due to the accident.


Collision Insurance

If you’ve collided with a tree, a car, or another object, this coverage will help pay for your repairs. Nevertheless, it will not cover any damages to someone else’s property.


Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance caters to many problems a motorist can face, such as motorcycle theft, fire, vandalism, hail, tree falling on your motorcycle, etc.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Motorcycle Insurance?

Every insurance company will have a different rate. However, a few common factors will affect the cost of your motorcycle insurance.


These include:


  • Your age
  • Your location (state)
  • What your driving history looks like
  • Your credit rating
  • How long have you been riding a motorcycle for
  • The model, make, year, body style, and engine size of your motorcycle
  • The number of miles you ride yearly
  • What coverages have you opted for
  • How good are the safety features of your motorcycle


Secure Yourself With Motorcycle Insurance In San Angelo

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