Here’s why watercraft and boat insurance is necessary

There’s nothing like sailing out into the ocean under the warm sunlight with your friends and family. However, boating is only fun till you and your passengers are safe and comfortable. It can get pretty risky if an incident occurs miles away from land.

If you get into an accident, crash into another boat, or, worst case scenario, your boat gets stolen or damaged in a fire – watercraft and boat insurance will help cover a sailboat, motorboat, or any watercraft you own.


Here’s all you need to know about watercraft and boat insurance ad why it’s necessary.


Why Is a Watercraft & Boat Insurance Necessary?

Even though Texas law doesn’t require boaters to have watercraft and boat insurance, it is smart to purchase one. It will protect you from all unfortunate events such as theft, collision, or storm damage in the sea or at the dock. Your insurance company will cover any injury and damages on your behalf.


You need to understand what will happen when you don’t have it – an unexpected expense that you might not be able to pay for, and even if you do, your monthly budget will suffer. Thus, if you’re at fault, you will be liable to pay for all the damages and any medical assistance bills you or the passengers on the other boat might need.

What Does a Watercraft And Boat Insurance Cover?

Watercraft and boat insurance also have many types of coverage you can discuss with your insurer. The type of craft you have will determine the insurance you should get.


Smaller boats such as canoes, powerboats, and sailboats usually cover property damage and don’t offer complete liability coverage. Larger boats, such as jet skis, yachts, or personal watercraft, have different insurance policies. The common coverage includes boat accessories, towing after an accident, medical expenses, and legal fees.

 The age of your boat is one of the few determinants of the boat insurance cost

How Much Does a Watercraft and Boat Insurance Cost?

Many factors can influence the cost of your insurance plan and, luckily, even reduce it by a good amount. The key factors are:


Safety record: If you’ve been a cautious boat owner in the past years, it will help you reduce your boat insurance rate. If you haven’t had accidents citation and have been extremely careful about yourself and others out in the ocean, your chances of getting a low boat insurance rate are higher.


Homeowners discount: You might get a good watercraft and boat insurance rate if you own a home.


Boat age: The newer the boat, the higher the insurance rates. If you want a lower rate, you might want to get your current boat repaired instead of buying a new one.


Payment structure: How you choose to pay for your boat insurance will decide the rate you get. If you’re paying a few times a year, it will be lower than paying it once a year.


Get Your Watercraft & Boat Insurance In San Angelo

Pronto insurance offers watercraft & boat insurance in San Angelo. The coverage will depend on how frequently you use your boat. A Pronto representative can help you make the right choice that best fits your budget.


So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today for more information or to get a quote!


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