There are two different types of professionals in the insurance industry who are licensed to sell policies: insurance brokers and insurance agents. Both brokers and agents work for an insurance company, but they differ in how much control they have over the sold policy. In this article, San Angelo Pronto Insurance will explore what sets these two professionals apart and help you decide which type of license might be right for you.

Roles Of An Insurance Broker?

An insurance broker is licensed to sell insurance policies from various companies. Insurance brokers are commissioned by insurance firms and receive commissions for selling the company’s products, although they may work exclusively with one specific carrier. Many people choose an independent brokerage because it allows them more freedom in choosing the best policy across multiple carriers.

Roles Of An Insurance Agent?

An insurance agent is licensed to sell policies from their company only. They are commissioned by the seller when they complete a sale. Agents must work exclusively with one specific carrier and cannot be an independent broker that sells products for other carriers.
They can also provide personalized pricing and recommendations to the client based on their needs.

Difference Between Insurance Broker And Insurance Agent

As noted previously, the key difference between an insurance broker and an agent is the level of control they have over what policy you purchase. A broker doesn’t sell policies to clients but instead works with agents who do. If a client wants a new quote or if there’s been some change in their circumstances that would affect how much coverage costs, then they would need to contact the agent.
An agent must meet certain qualifications in order to sell policies like life insurance coverage while working on behalf of their company (such as issuing certificates). A broker has no limitations on how many policies they can offer; however, each brokerage firm sets its own criteria about which products they will allow their brokers to sell.
Brokers also have access to a wider range of policies than agents do, and they can work with more insurance carriers at once. When deciding between an agent or broker license, it’s important to note that brokers are often better for clients who want lots of options when choosing what policy is right for them.

Benefits Of Working With Insurance Brokers

Brokers understand various types of coverage available (life, home, auto) and can find you good rates across multiple companies.
Brokers don’t just represent one insurance company – which means they offer unbiased advice on what’s best for your unique situation. However, brokers do not have access to some discounts offered by agents who work directly with certain providers because brokers may work with too many companies.

Benefits Of Working With Insurance Agents

Agents are experts in their company’s products, which means they can offer personalized advice and pricing.
Sometimes agents can be less expensive because they work solely for one company and don’t need to hire other people or manage a staff, which means lower overhead costs.
Agents are the only professionals who can access specific company discounts that may not be available to brokers because they work for a different insurance provider. This is especially important if you have older cars, live in an area with poor public safety ratings, or belong to certain organizations.

Which Option Might Be Right For You?

If you’re someone who wants more control over what policy they purchase or doesn’t want to be limited by a single carrier, then an independent broker may be your best option. However, if the price is important to you and most of your needs are met by one company’s policies, especially for things like home or auto coverage, then it might make sense for you to work with that carrier’s agent instead.
If you want to have a lot of control over the policy that’s sold, an insurance agent might be best.
If you’re looking for more options and less personalized service when choosing what coverage is right for your needs, then an independent broker who works with multiple companies may work better.
If you want to work with a broker, check the individual’s listing on their brokerage site for any specialties and their geographical area.

How Do Insurance Agents Make Money?

Insurance agents make a percentage of the policies they sell. This may be as low as ten percent, or it could be more than fifty if an agent sells high-priced items like life insurance coverage. Agents can also get commissions from products that are sold in conjunction with their main product, such as car loans when someone purchases auto insurance.

How Do Insurance Brokers Make Money?

Independent brokers don’t work for one company, so they negotiate rates with multiple companies. Brokers make money through a commission from the insurance carrier that will pay them based on the policies sold.

What Skills Do You Need To Be An Insurance Broker?

You need to be an excellent negotiator and have the ability to learn new product lines quickly.
Brokers also need a lot of patience because they’re constantly dealing with people who are upset about their insurance rates or coverage.

If you want to work as an independent broker, it’s important that you can balance your time between marketing yourself and selling policies for clients.

What Skills Do You Need To Be An Insurance Agent?

Agents need to be knowledgeable about the products they’re selling, which means it’s important for them to work in a particular niche like property or life insurance.

It also helps if agents have some kind of relationship-building skills because they’ll need these when first meeting with potential clients.

Good customer service is an essential skill and one which will help you build relationships faster.

It’s always important to research each type of license before committing to anything, so it’s easier for consumers to research and make informed decisions about their options when choosing between brokers vs. agents. Visit for more information.

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