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What is the right auto coverage for you?  Does the vehicle have a lien or loan?  Do you use it is for commercial purposes? Have you been required to purchase “SR-22” insurance coverage?

  1. Liability Coverage: This is a level of coverage required in the state of Texas for all vehicles.  It pays for damaged property, medical care, and lost wages for other drivers and passengers if you’re found at fault in an accident.
  2. Comprehensive Coverage: is an optional level of coverage in the state of Texas.  It covers everything a liability policy does as well as “acts of God,” defined as events not caused by driving the vehicle into something else.  Generally this means additional coverage for broken windshield from falling objects, damage from weather events such as tornados and more. 
  3. Collison Coverage: is an optional level of coverage in the state of Texas.  These policy’s coverage damage from events caused by the insured driver such as the damage of a vehicle they have insured and drove into a stationary or mobile object.  
  4. SR-22: There is an additional cost for an SR-22.  This refers to a certificate issued by the insurance company   to the State office requiring it.  This certifies payment of a liability level or higher vehicle insurance policy coverage.

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