Do I Need Auto Insurance In San Angelo?

As a resident of San Angelo, Texas, you need to have auto insurance since our state laws
make it illegal for one to drive without auto insurance. If nothing else, auto insurance
coverage shows how responsible you drive on the busy roads of San Angelo.
Auto insurance is also a way for you to protect yourself and your assets. It ensures that your
vehicle can easily be repaired or replaced without you incurring any costs. Also, if you’re
responsible for an accident, it protects you from paying for the damages and expenses from
your pocket.
Now that we’re aware that San Angelo’s drivers need to own auto insurance, let’s take a
deep dive into the specific reasons.

Reasons Why I Need Auto Insurance in San Angelo

1. To Comply With State Requirements

As we’ve already mentioned, Texas requires all its citizens to prove that they can take
responsibility for any accidents they cause. And drivers show proof of responsibility by
purchasing auto liability insurance coverage. However, this insurance coverage only helps
you cover other people’s medical and property expenses when you’re responsible for the
accident. It doesn’t cover your damages or medical expenses.
And that’s why we recommend that before you purchase auto insurance in San Angelo,
ensure the insurance policy includes most if not all of the following auto insurance
coverages. They include:
● Medical payments coverage
● Liability coverage
● Comprehensive coverage
● Personal injury protection (PIP) coverage
● Collision coverage
● Rental reimbursement coverage
● Towing and labor coverage
● Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage

2. To Protect Yourself and Others

You probably saw this coming. Nevertheless, you must always remember this point
whenever you’re purchasing car insurance.
How much is your life worth? How much is your family’s life worth? If your answer is
priceless, then you understand why we’re addressing this point.
It’s impossible to predict when an accident will happen. And in case one does happen, you
will need to know that you can comfortably take care of any property damage or bodily
injury expenses that may arise. Damage and medical bills can rise exponentially. And if you
can’t pay from your pocket, you’ll need an alternative payment option.

And you can only do this if you have the right car insurance coverage protecting you and
your loved ones.

3. To Save You the Hassle of Dealing With the Fallout of an Accident

The aftermath of an accident can be tedious, stressful, and time-consuming. If you’ve been
injured in an accident, the last thing you’ll need is the hassle of towing your wrecked car,
managing the repair of your car, or negotiating a compensation plan with other drivers.
As soon as you make a car insurance claim, your insurance provider can help you negotiate
compensation with other drivers, plan for how your vehicle will be towed, and help with
taking care of the damage and medical expenses.
Also, if you’ll need the help of a car accident lawyer, then your insurer can help you get in
touch with one.

4. To Complement Your Health Insurance

Are you aware of what your health policy covers? Just like how auto insurance policies have
a limit, so do health insurance policies. Therefore, medical payments coverage policies in an
auto insurance policy helps cover the expenses that your health insurance policy can’t
A good auto insurance provider will help you cover any medical expenses related to your car

5. Auto Insurance is a Requirement When Financing or Leasing a Car

Most lenders or leasing agents will require you to purchase collision coverage and
comprehensive coverage policies. Until you pay fully for the car, the leasing agent or your
financial lender will legally own the car.
And as the legal owner, they’ll need certain guarantees you’ll protect their property. And
that’s why they will require you to purchase collision coverage and comprehensive coverage
policies. If the car becomes damaged, these two coverage policies can help repair or replace
the car.
In addition, we recommend that you consider including gap insurance as part of your auto
policy. If your car gets damaged or destroyed, gap insurance will help you cover the car loan,
especially if you owe your lender an amount higher than the car’s depreciated value.
While gap insurance is optional, it is mostly used to complement collision coverage and
comprehensive coverage policies.
<h2>Will I Require Auto Insurance If I Am Driving Someone Else’s Car?</h2>
Yes, you will require auto insurance coverage whether you’ve borrowed a friend’s car or
you’ve rented a car.

1. Rental Cars

Whenever you rent a car, the rental agency will offer you a liability policy and damage
waiver. A damage waiver is a simple agreement between you and the rental agency
confirming that you will not be responsible for any damage to the car. You must understand
that damage waivers aren’t auto insurance policies.
If you’re renting a car for personal use, your auto insurance policy can cover you. Therefore,
you might not need the rental agency’s liability policy.
However, if you’re renting a car for work purposes, your auto insurance policy won’t cover
you. So, before renting a car, we recommend that you ask the rental agency whether you’ll
require their damage waiver and liability policy.

2. Borrowed Cars

If you’ve caused an accident when driving a borrowed car, the owner’s auto insurance policy
will cover the property damages and bodily injury costs. However, if the car owner wasn’t
covered or their insurance cover can’t cater to all the costs, your auto insurance cover
should take care of everything.
By now, you understand the importance of purchasing a car insurance policy in San Angelo.
The next step for you is to find out which auto insurance policy provider in San Angelo is the
best for you and which package suits you best.
While this might seem like a challenging task, don’t fret. We’re here to help ease up the
process for you. So, if you need to learn more about auto insurance, visit our website via
this link and get in touch with us.

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