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The straightforward answer to “can I buy car insurance right after an accident?” is “yes.” However, if you’re wondering whether the insurance you buy will cover the cost of this recent accident, unfortunately, the answer is no.


If you were driving around without car insurance when you got into a severe accident, you would have to pay your medical bills and finance your car repair expense. Regardless of whether the accident was the other driver’s fault, you’ll have to pay bills out of pocket. The intelligent thing to stop this from happening in the future is to get an automobile insurance policy today.


This blog post will explain what to do in the short and long term after you’ve been in a car accident.


Is It Practical to Buy Car Insurance Right After an Accident?


Nothing is preventing you from buying a car insurance policy after an accident. It is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make, as it will help protect you from incurring hefty costs in the future.


However, the car insurance policy might be more expensive if the recent accident was your fault. Furthermore, car insurance companies might not even give you insurance coverage if you’ve had a history of serious accidents.


What Is an Insurance Fraud?


If you’re claiming old damage in a new accident, that is termed insurance fraud.


The below examples indicate drivers committing fraud with the insurance companies.


  • If you’ve been in an accident today and don’t have car insurance, you wait till tomorrow to get full car insurance and then report the accident, and this will be seen as fraud. The insurance company can quickly determine when the accident occurred, and you could get into serious trouble.
  • A few drivers buy only the bare minimum car insurance to help cover liability damage. Thus, it will be covered if you injure other people or property on the road. However, you won’t be able to cover the damage to yourself or your vehicle. Some drivers call up the insurance company to get additional coverage and then claim for the car to be covered completely. It won’t work.


Get Automobile Insurance for Your Car in San Angelo


Not only does a car insurance policy cover your expenses in case of an accident, but it also is much cheaper if you look at it from a long-term perspective. It will help reduce medical, road assistance, property damage, and replacement costs. You must get Pronto Insurance today if you’ve recently gotten a new vehicle and don’t wish to spend more in case of a severe accident.

Pronto Insurance is one of the leading automobile insurance providers in San Angelo. These experts have more than a decade of experience providing automobile insurance. They will help tailor a plan to cater to your needs and budget.

Wish to drive safe and have your new car covered with automobile insurance in San Angelo? Get in touch TODAY!

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